GI Biotic Pro


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In an effort to keep up with current research and empirical evidence, our medical teams at Standard Enzyme and EuroMed Global are proud to introduce the new and improved GI Biotic Pro! GI Biotic Pro is a combination of Probiotics and Prebiotics, known as a Synbiotic. The strategy of combining a probiotic with its preferred nutrient may allow for probiotics to stay present in your body for longer.

The new GI Biotic Pro goes beyond other synbiotics as it has bacteriophages as prebiotics. Most prebiotics are most often fibers and starches that cause bloating, gas, and belching. GI Biotic Pro uses bacteriophages (bundles of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein shell) that are found in nature (such as seawater, soil, and fermented foods). These bacteriophages take over unwanted (bad) bacteria in the gut and help proliferate the good bacteria. Normal prebiotics also typically require large doses to work effectively, however, GI Biotic Pro does not require large doses to work. One little capsule packs a big punch! Our 90-count bottle will now give you and your clients up to three months of use!

GI Biotic Pro has been clinically studied to work in both the small and large intestines and is not affected by the nutrients of varying gut environments. It works within hours of consumption by destabilizing the bacterial cell wall of undesirable bacteria. When these undesirable bacteria are destabilized, it releases nutrients in the gut that can be consumed by good bacteria to proliferate.

GI Biotic Pro has had more than 20 clinical studies to support its safety and efficacy of proliferating ‘Good’ gut flora, including by not limited to Lactococcus, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Bacillus.

90 capsules